Bitter Pugs is a photography studio specializing in photographing your pet in both candid and portrait settings. We strive to capture your pets personality. BP’s is based in the Dallas, TX but always willing to travel where the work is so don’t hesitate to contact us no matter where you live.

Bitter Pugs   PO Box 720903 Dallas, TX 75372   214-679-7333   justbe@krishundt.com

Trivia on the name Bitter Pugs. Well it all started one afternoon in Vancouver, BC walking along English Bay taking in the sites. OK we were really people watching. Two gals and their pugs were walking by and one of the girls did not look happy at all, how could you not be happy in such a beautiful place like Vancouver? Anyway. She looked abit like the pug she was walking only much more angry. So Shirley turns to me and said “Don’t be a bitter pug”. Then we decided Bitter Pugs sounds like a great name for a rock band, don’t you think. We tossed it around for awhile be neither one of us are musically inclined so we dropped it. So the name has been in the back of my brain for about a year and finally it fit.


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