Fun at the Dog Park

25 01 2011


I took my boy Jasper out for a spin then off to the dog park this morning. What a fun but cold day. That’s where we met Kendy who likes to play with the big dogs. And she was sure telling them who was boss.When she couldn’t persuade the gang to run with her she turned her attention to me. Running around me back and forth barking hoping I’d just take off at a full gallop. Not me.

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Silly Song

22 07 2009
My singer/songwriter friend Kerri Arista has started a new project, 50 songs in 90 days. So some days silly songs just happen. I thought you’d enjoy this….
My One True Friend (Zoe’s Song)
It’s not your fault that you stink
or that you go to the toilet when you need a drink
I love you so much and I think
If you were a color, you’d be a light pink
You’re always up for a walk
You look and you listen when I need to talk
Without an eye on the clock
You even love the smell of my socks, yeah you do…
Thru thick and thin and back again
I’d chose you as my one true friend
You’ve never been anything but sweet
You’ve never acted mad or mean
Or said you were bored with this old routine
Age is only a number and yours is 13
However much you love me
That’s how much I love you times 93
I’ll keep you safe from all of those fleas
And I’ll sing you you as you lie at my feet, yeah I will